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Is Wool Vegan?

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Is Wool Vegan? A very common question we get and questions about what is actually wrong with wearing or using wool?

Well today I want to address the question of, is wool vegan and the cruelty behind the wool industry.

The wool industry has so much cruelty behind it. Trust me it’s easy to think that wool is harmless.

I mean the sheep get sheared because they naturally produce too much wool and then their bodies will get too hot in the summer months, right?


That idea about wool is definitely wrong and so untrue.

Wool is an industry that makes billions of dollars a year in which puts profit over the animals wellbeing.

The only reason that sheep have so much wool today is because they have been bred intensively to grow the most wool possible in the quickest amount of time.

Not because that’s healthy for them, but because humans can shear them more often and make profit off the wool.

When the sheep are sheared, the person controlling the shearers in most industries are not careful.

They shear the sheep very quickly and very often leave cuts and scrapes on the sheep which always seems to go unattended.

Sheep in the industry are not in large fields grazing on grass all day long as most thing.  Instead they are mostly kept in tight, dirty confinements where they can do nothing but eat whatever food is given to them, drink whatever water is given to them, sleep, and that’s basically it.

So you may be thinking what happens to the sheep once they get too old and once their wool becomes lower quality and they don’t produce as much?

Well they are taken to the slaughterhouse, where they are slaughtered so people can eat them.

Therefore, the wool industry still contributes to the meat industry, and every sheep that is in a wool farm ends up in the slaughterhouse.

The wool industry is very big, and cruel.

They thrive off the ignorance of people when people think that sheep live happy lives and just get sheared once a year when they have excess wool on their bodies. But unfortunately the wool industry does not practice this way.

As mentioned above, the only reason that sheep need to be shaved in the first place is because people breed them to have the most wool possible.

As a vegan you can make a difference and firmly answer NO when someone asks, is wool vegan?

Other ways you can make a difference is to buy cruelty-free fabrics which include cotton, polyester fleece, synthetic shearling, cotton flannel plus many other options that just a little bit of research could lead you too.

Oh and wool is itchy anyways.  🙂  That should be enough of a reason, right?

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For more information also check out this article on Wool Is Cruel from Peta.

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