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Do Vegans Support Zoos?

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Do Vegans support zoo? I am here to tell you that most vegans do not support zoos, especially when they become aware of the truth.

In fact many people think that there is nothing wrong with saying they support zoos. They believe that zoos are a safe place for animals to live and that the animals are well taken care of. People think that zoos provide people with education about animals as well.

Unfortunately, if you support zoos this is far from the truth. Zoos are nothing but prisons for animals.

Zoos are just a business and a way to make money.

I can assure you animals in zoos are not happy. They have been taken away from their families, and deprived of everything natural to them.

They cannot run free in the wild, they cannot hunt for themselves, they can’t have a family or friends. All they can do is sit in a cage all day long while humans gawk at them.

Animals in zoos often begin to form poor health conditions and abnormal mental problems.

A common behavior is known as “Zoochosis.”

Zoochosis occurs as a result of boredom, frustration, depression, a lack of mental and physical enrichment, and a removal of the animal’s natural habitat and social structures. Many animals in zoos suffer from this.

Most people who support zoos believe that zoos teach children how to protect and care for animals, and how important they are. In reality, all zoos do is teach people how animals react to boredom and stress in captive situations.

How is it beneficial to stare at a tiger in a cage where it can’t even live life as he/she normally would? The best way to learn about animals and how they act in their natural habitat would be to watch a documentary about them. This way no animals had to suffer in order for humans to learn.

Another positive aspect of zoos that people talk about is the conservation of animal species that would otherwise be extinct. But the thing is, zoos remove more animals from the wild than they can return.

Also, what is the point of keeping a species alive just to enslave them for their entire lives, for the sake of saying that there is still some of that species left? Even if they bred them, they would be bred into captivity, into an unnatural habitat and that is just wrong. It is natural for species to go extinct, it has happened before humans even existed.

There is a lot of disconnect that goes on in zoos.

People go there because they claim they love animals, yet every zoo has a restaurant or eating area that serves many animal products.

So let me get this straight….people enjoy looking at animals through a gate or glass or cage in a zoo, yet they also go to eat other animals. Seems like a big disconnect to me.

People who support zoos also argue that zoos are necessary for scientists to do research on. What could they possibly learn about animals in a cage that they couldn’t learn in the wild? The only thing they learn from their research is how much animals hate being kept captive, and how depressed they become. It doesn’t make sense to do research on an animal in an unnatural environment to them. Research should be done on them in their natural habitat.

To conclude, zoos are nothing more than prisons for innocent animals who did nothing wrong. They are forced to sit in a cage all day, unable to run, mate, hunt, fly, climb, have a social life, or have a family-basically they aren’t able to do anything that is natural to them.

They suffer all day long just so people can point and stare at them. If people wanted to see animals that bad, they should go to a sanctuary.

Zoos are only a source of amusement and fun for the people who pay to go to them, not for the animals who are forced to live there. It is wrong to enslave thousands of animals to make money by allowing people to point and stare at them all day long.

Zoos are not something that people should be supporting especially if you are vegan.

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