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50 Amazing Vegan YouTubers

If you ask people how they found out about veganism, many of them will say “the internet.”

The internet, especially social media, plays a huge role in introducing people to veganism. People might be trying to research one thing that has nothing to do with veganism, and then all of a sudden they find themselves watching a video promoting veganism.

Youtube is an incredible platform for people to learn about how to go vegan. There are thousands of vegan YouTubers that provide great content for people to learn from.

There are many vegan recipes, grocery hauls, tips, tricks, and so much more. And there are tons of “what I eat in a day” videos on YouTube, which are great for people who want to get new ideas of what to eat during the day.

On YouTube, you can find student vegans, working vegans, homeschooling stay at home moms who are vegan, vegan business owners, vegan athletes, vegan kids, and so much more.

With that being said I have put a list together of some vegan YouTubers you should consider following.

50 great vegan YouTubers / channels to check out (in no particular order).

I know I will be missing lots because it’s impossible to list all of them, so please let me know in the comments who your favorite your favorite vegan YouTuber is if I missed them here!


  1. High Carb Hannah – Vegan weight loss, whole foods diet, recipes


  1. Sweet Potato Soul – Lots of recipes, vlogs, “what I eat in a days”


  1. Cheap Lazy Vegan – Recipes, grocery hauls, meal prepping


  1. The Vegan Zombie – Vegan videos, recipes


  1. Stephanie de Bourmont – Recipes, “what I eat in a day” videos, vlogs


  1. Supreme Banana – “Veganized” versions of popular non-vegan items, “what I eat in a day” videos


  1. Tami Torossian – Recipes, “what I eat in a day” videos


  1. The Vegan Solution – Lots of recipes and “what I eat in a day” videos


  1. The Vegan – Educational vegan topics and information


  1. Caitlin Shoemaker – Recipes, vlogs, “What I eat in a day” videos


  1. Raw Alignment – Raw veganism, eco-friendly living, self-love, empowerment


  1. Kate Flowers – Raw vegansim, LGBTQ, “what I eat in a days”


  1. That Vegan Couple – Vegan couple, whole foods vegan


  1. Happy Healthy Vegan – Reviews, taste tests, recipes


  1. Veg Bethany – Vegan student, recipes, “what I eat in a day” videos


  1. Eco-Vegan Gal – Eco friendly & vegan living


  1. Earthling Ed – Lots of vegan activism videos


  1. Sustainably Vegan – Zero waste vegan living


  1. Bonny Rebecca – Recipes, “what I eat in a day” videos, tips, vegan in Australia


  1. Thriving on Plants – “What I eat in a day” videos


  1. Unnatural Vegan – Debunking videos, vegan product reviews, educational videos


  1. Adventure’s of Jade – Positivity, vegan food & vlogs


  1. Edgy Veg – Lots of vegan recipes


  1. Maddie Lymburner – “What I eat in a day” videos, workout videos


  1. Applesandamandas – Vlogs, “what I eat in a day” videos, vegan student


  1. Mommy Tang – Vegan mukbangs, vegan mother


  1. Sweet Simple Vegan – Vegan couple, recipes


  1. Jenny Mustard – Vegan & minimalism videos


  1. Hannah McNeely – Vlogs, vegan teacher, podcaster


  1. Sarah Lemkus – Vegan mother & pregnancy videos


  1. Lauren Toyota – Vlogs, “what I eat in a day” videos, Canadian vegan


  1. Rawvana English – Raw veganism, recipes


  1. James Aspey – Took the vow of silence for 365 days to spread awareness about veganism, activism videos


  1. Cam & Nina – Vegan couple, vegan recipes, vegan meal ideas


  1. Ellen Fisher – Vegan mother of two, Hawaii living, vegan kids


  1. Mr. & Mrs. Vegan – Vegan parents living in LA, whole foods vegan recipes


  1. – Educational vegan videos, scientific studies, vegan doctor


  1. Happyandhealthy96 – Veganism, entrepreneur, recovery, vancouver vegan


  1. NinaAndRanda – Vegan twins, music, vlogs


  1. NaturallyStefanie – Vegan fitness, “what I eat in a day” videos, vegan in Scotland


  1. Bite Size Vegan – Vegan activism & educational videos


  1. Fully Raw Kristina – Raw vegan recipes and inspiration


  1. Freelee – Vegan reaction videos, feminism, celebrity videos


  1. Brianna Jackfruitson – Vegan in the UK, “what I eat in a day” videos


  1. BananaTV – Vegan couple, LGBTQ, educational vegan videos


  1. Claire Michelle – Vegan in hawaii, music, art, vlogs


  1. Stella Rae – Vegan vlogs


  1. Stella the Light – Vegan vlogs, “what I eat in a day”, recovery, whole foods vegan


  1. Banana Blondie – Vegan mother, yoga, vegan kids


  1. Plant Based News – Educational vegan videos, vegan news, interviews, & documentaries

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