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Vegan Savory Snack Guide

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Vegan Savory Snack Guide – 25 Delicious Snacks

Snacks are amazing. I eat a wider variety of snacks now as a vegan than I ever did before. There are hundreds of companies out there that work hard to provide people with tasty and cruelty-free snack options.

In this blog post, I’m going to share a great vegan savory snack guide that are 25 of the best tasting vegan snack brands.

My hope is that you’ll be introduced to many different companies that you had no idea existed!

If you have any other favorite savory snack brands that I’ve missed please leave a comment letting me know so we can add to this vegan savory snack guide. 

1. Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

These chickpea puffs are gluten-free, vegan, high in fiber and protein. The snacks come in 4 flavors: “cheese & love,” “in herbs we trust,” far out fajita,” and “sweet & smokin’.”

2. Unisoy Foods

This company makes delicious vegan jerky in 3 different flavors – cracked black pepper, spicy, and teriyaki. If you want a salty and “meaty” snack this is perfect for you.

3. The Good Bean

Crispy and yummy snacks made out of chickpeas, fava beans, and peas! They have many interesting flavors ranging from Thai coconut lemongrass to chili lime.

4. Vegetarian Traveler

This snack can also be paired with meals as a “protein topper.” You can also eat it straight out of the bag. The blend is full of ingredients such as soybeans, peas, pepitas, and more. Kind of like a trail mix, but a savory one!

5. Vegan Robs

Vegan Robs makes chips, crisps, and puffs made out of vegetables such as brussels sprouts, beets, cauliflower, and more. They definitely have a very unique range of flavors. A great example of this is their spinach matcha chips. 

6. Mozaics Chips

These chips are made with simple and wholesome ingredients – green peas, yellow peas, black beans, and potatoes.

7. Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods

This company makes delicious naan chips that are light and airy. They are perfect for dipping in hummus and they come in a few different flavors.

8. Forager Project

This company makes non-dairy yogurts, but they also have some great snacks! Their chips are very unique and great for preventing food waste. They are organic pressed vegetable chips, made with the leftover pulp from making green juice! How amazing is that? They have a few different flavors ranging from BBQ to cheezy.

9. Kala Beans

This company makes snacks out of roasted fava beans. Their flavors range include tropical curry, sea salt & vinegar, and simply peppered.

10. Pop Corners

This snack is on the healthier side because it’s never fried. Their chips are made out of non-GMO corn, and they are drizzled in sunflower oil with a little bit of salt. Super simple ingredients but it still tastes delicious.

11. Beanitos

This bread is more well-known than others. They make chips out of beans such as black beans & white beans. They have many different flavors of their chips, and most of them are vegan. However, they do have a couple flavors that are not vegan.

12. Pipcorn

This will definitely be the cutest popcorn you’ve ever seen and eaten. The kernels are super small which makes them stand out from other popcorn brands.

13. Lundberg Family Farms

You might know of this company for their many varieties of rice, but they have some delicious snacks too. Their chips are made out of rice, and while this isn’t a fully vegan company, many of their flavors are vegan.

14. Watusee Foods

This company makes chickpea puffs that are low calorie and high in fiber. Each bag only has 100 calories and it’s gluten-free and non-GMO.

15. Buddha Brands Company

This company makes coconut chips out of dried coconut. They have a range of different flavors. These chips are great for those who want a healthier snack option.

16. Karma Nuts

If you prefer a snack that’s nut-based, Karma Nuts could be a great option for you. They make a variety of different flavored cashews such as coconut crunch roasted and peri peri roasted. 

17. Bobalu Nuts

Here’s another nutty snack, but instead of cashews, these are flavored and seasoned almonds!

18. Wai Lana

A woman named Wai Lana made some delicious Thai curry & lime chips that are made out of cassava! These are gluten-free.

19. Plentils

Plentils was created by the company Enjoy Life Foods. They recently released something called “Plentils.” These chips are made out of lentils and they are really good! Airy and light, but crunchy. It comes in flavors like garlic parmesan, sea salt

20. Eat Enlightened

This company makes roasted broad bean chips that come in many different flavors. The snacks are crunchy and full of fiber and protein.

21. Laiki Crackers

These crackers are made out of rice, and not just any rice – black and red rice. They are perfect for dipping.

22. Rhythm Superfoods

This company aims to bring you delicious and nutrient-rich snacks. They have kale chips, beet chips, and carrot sticks too!

23. Primizie Snacks

These handmade flatbread crisps are amazing for dipping, topping, or just eating straight out of the bag.

24. Peeled Snacks

This company makes a variety of sweet & savory snacks out of healthy ingredients. They are non-GMO and gluten-free. Try their crunchy pea snacks if you want something savory!

25. Brami Snacks

This company makes delicious snacks out of the Roman superfood, Brami. It’s known as lupini in Italy. This legume is full of protein and totally soy-free. They make a variety of different flavors for you to choose from.

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