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Top 5 Vegan Leather Boots

When changing to a vegan lifestyle, everyone tends to think that the main worry is food. However, there are other aspects to veganism, such as fashion.

People understand that transitioning to a more compassionate lifestyle comes with “sacrificing” some of the cruel aspects of fashion such as furs, leather, wool, down, and other animal products.

While most fur can be replaced with faux fur and wool can be replaced with fleece and other materials, we are left wondering what we can do about leather. When dealing with belts, wallets, and small leather accessories, it is easy to find faux alternatives that can meet and even surpass your expectations.

Up until now, shoes and boots were a much harder alternative to find. Vegan leather for the most part just hasn’t been able to compete with the real thing. Vegan leather boots have been known to be uncomfortable, wear out quickly, and fail when trying to withstand various weather conditions.

Fortunately, with advancements in technology and the world moving towards a more compassionate direction, that is now a thing of the past.

There are numerous companies out there using a product they like to call future leather and suede. It is often made in Europe in countries such as Portugal and Italy.

It looks better than leather, is more versatile than leather, and can even outlast and outperform leather. Plus, the most important part is they’re cruelty-free!

In this post, we will discuss some of these forward-thinking companies and showcase some of their best selling products.

1. Brave Gentleman

Brave Gentleman is one of those companies that are fairly new to the scene. However, they have been breaking stereotypes and proving that fashion can still be exciting and made with high-quality materials, even when it is cruelty-free. This factory boot is one of their best sellers. It is made in Portugal with Italian future leather.

This future leather is Ecolabel certified supply, durable, high tech, and can outperform leather in numerous environments. The added benefit of this company is that all of their products are made using sustainable materials in a good working environment and fair labor.

2. Wills Vegan Shoes

If you are a vegan that is fashion savvy, chances are these boots look familiar to you. The chestnut vegan dock boots by Wills Vegan Shoes have been flooding social media platforms because people can’t seem to get enough of them!

They are comfortable, durable, look great, and age even better. They even come in an insulated winter version.

These shoes are also made in Portugal in safe working conditions with fair labor.

The materials are sustainable and shipped in sustainable eco-friendly materials.  The vegan leather is made out of plants and bio-oil that comes from organic cereal crops. They are breathable yet resistant to different types of weather including some water.

The ankle supports as well as the interior cushioning are some of the best we have seen. The outsoles are high quality with good grips that make them great for hiking as well as just daily use.

3. Dr. Martens

I bet you aren’t surprised to see these here. Vegan Dr. Martens have been around for years and there is no sign of their popularity slowing down anytime soon.

This boot was designed with their original 1460 styled boot. The boot mocks a black high-shine leather made from synthetic materials but feels and behaves like a premium leather.

With its iconic yellow stitching, cushioned sole with a Goodyear welted construction, and slip resistant features, it is no wonder that these are one of the most sought-after choices in the vegan community.

4. Kat Mendenhall

Looking for some vegan cowboy boots? Look no further than the ever so popular Kat Mendenhall based out of Dallas, Tx. Not only is Kat a boot maker but she is also a life coach and cook.

All of her boots are 100% leather free and sustainable.

Her mission is to mend the world through through whole plant-based nutrition and cruelty-free products. Proving animals don’t have to suffer for food, fashion, and comfort. Here has various different vegan boot styles, colors as well as custom orders.

5. Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin started in 2001 because they felt it was impossible back then to be stylish and cruelty-free. They wanted to bring style and quality to those who cared. There boots are made in Spain and the company in based out of the UK.  Beyond Skin carries vegan boots in various different styles and colors. They are not limited to boots but also carry other styles of shoes.


While these are just the top three most popular vegan leather boots on the market right now, this certainly isn’t all of them. There are countless other brands paving the way in vegan fashion including Ahimsa, Good Guys, Novacas, and more.

If fashion is the one thing holding you back from transitioning to a more compassionate lifestyle, now is the time to try one of these top picks and see what you’ve been missing. Cheap vegan shoes are now a thing of the past.

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