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Vegan Ice Creams – 10 of Our Favorites

I grew up loving ice cream, and I’m sure many of you did too.

One common worry that people have about going vegan is that they’ll have to give up their favorite foods. We live in an amazing world where there is literally a vegan alternative for everything – including ice cream.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best tasting vegan ice creams out there.

These taste exactly like dairy ice cream, and they come in a variety of flavors too.

Best of all – they’re cruelty-free! These are in no particular order.

So Delicious

So Delicious is one of the most popular ice cream brands. There are four different types of vegan ice creams: cashew, almond, coconut, or soy. They also have ice cream bars and sandwiches. They have 33 different flavors of vegan ice creams, including snickerdoodle, salted caramel cluster, mocha almond fudge, chocolate peanut butter swirl, and more.


This is a family-owned company that makes coconut milk ice cream. Not only is their ice cream vegan, it’s also organic, GMO-free, and fair trade. They have 15 different vegan ice creams including pistachio nut, the rockiest road, birthday cake cookie dough, maple pecan, and more.


This non-dairy company is found in many grocery stores, including Walmart. They have almond based, soy based, rice based, and coconut based ice cream. This is not a fully vegan company, but their ice cream is vegan! Some of their flavors include butter pecan, vanilla fudge swirl, and french vanilla.

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

This is one of the healthiest vegan ice creams out there, but it still tastes delicious! Their coconut-based ice cream is smooth and creamy, with just a hint of coconut. They have unique flavors such as cinnamon chocolate fusion, ginger cookie caramel, and mocha maca crunch.

Ben & Jerry’s

Even though Ben & Jerry’s isn’t a fully vegan company, they now have non-dairy options! To date, they have 9 different options for vegans which is amazing. The main drawback to their ice cream is that most of them aren’t gluten-free, and it’s definitely not the healthiest choice out there


Most people think of cream cheese when you mention Tofutti. But did you know that they have vegan ice cream too? They have ice cream sandwiches as well, which have been around for quite some time now.

Snow Monkey

This company prides itself on being a “superfood ice treat.” They even have a company hashtag which is #eatnoevil which I think is pretty clever! They have two flavors: goji berry, and cacao.


Hängen-Dazs is similar to Ben & Jerry’s in the way that they aren’t a vegan company, but they have vegan options. They are commonly found at Target. Their four vegan flavors are: chocolate salted fudge truffle, mocha chocolate cookie, coconut caramel, and peanut butter chocolate fudge.

Trader Joe’s Soy Creamery

If you’ve ever been to Trader Joe’s, you’ll know that they have a great variety of vegan products. It’s a soy-based ice cream that comes in two flavors (vanilla and cherry chocolate chip).

Steve’s Ice Cream

Steve’s is a vegan ice cream brand that many people claim has the best taste out there. It’s coconut based and comes in 6 unique flavors: cold brewed cinnamon coffee, speculoos cookie butter, chocolate salty caramel, mint cacao chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, and burnt sugar vanilla. Yum!!

These definitely are not all the brands out there, these are only the 10 most popular. If you know of any other vegan ice cream brands please let me know! How many of the above have you tried? What ones are your favorite?

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