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Vegan Halloween Candy

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Vegan Halloween Candy

When going vegan, a lot of people worry about being left out of traditions and holidays that might involve some aspect of animal cruelty.

Luckily for us, because of the amazing vegan products available today, there is no reason to give them up. All you have to do is make some little adjustments in your holidays, and you can still enjoy all of these traditions with your family and friends!

Halloween can be a tricky time of year for parents. If you have kids and would like to still take them trick or treating, you can just sort through the candies when you get home.

Then you can donate the non-vegan candies your kid received to a feed the hungry organization or a homeless shelter.

Another option is to keep the family home and have a party that involves homemade candy or snacks.

If handing out candy is your concern, there are tons of vegan candies and chocolates available that everyone will enjoy.

What do you normally do for Halloween?

Here are some delicious vegan and accidentally vegan chocolate, candies, and snacks available for you to hand out to the kids on Halloween night!

Options for Vegan Halloween Candy

Go Max Foods is a range of entirely vegan candy bars that are made without genetically modified or artificial ingredients ingredients. They have various products ranging from crisped rice chocolate bars to white chocolate peanut butter cups that taste amazing.

Who doesn’t love getting a full sized chocolate bar on Halloween?

Airheads are a tangy candy that have a taffy like consistency. They are a delicious treat that many of us have been eating for years, and surprisingly enough, they are vegan!

Cocomels are pretty new on the scene. They are a coconut milk based caramel candy that is chewy, sweet, and made with minimal and relatively healthy ingredients.

Jolly Ranchers are a hard candy that is tangy, sweet, sour and comes in multiple flavors. This is another candy you are sure to be familiar with as it has been around for years.

Unreal is a brand of chocolate peanut butter comes that have come to save those chocolate lovers on Halloween. Not only are these chocolate peanut butter cups delicious, but they are non-GMO, fair trade, organic, and vegan!

Smarties are a brand of tablet candy that you might be familiar with. Not to be confused with the chocolate version, these candies have been around for years and are almost always a guarantee on Halloween night!

Vegan Robs is a unique and relatively new company that makes salty and crispy vegan snacks. Many people love getting potato chips on Halloween – Vegan Robs is a fantastic alternative that are made with various vegetables such as brussell sprouts, cauliflower, beets, and more.

Blow Pops are sure to bring back feelings of nostalgia on Halloween night. These lollipops are fruit flavored with a bubble gum centre and hard candy shell. They are available in various flavors. Some of the worlds most popular gum filled lollipops that are accidentally vegan!

Enjoy Life Foods is a fantastic option for those with nut allergies, gluten intolerance, or those who just want to make sure that no kids are excluded on Halloween night. This brand has been paving the way with vegan chocolate products for a while now and their Halloween selection is full of tasty options.

Surf Sweets is a brand you might be familiar with if you have been vegan or health conscious for a long enough time. They are available in various health food stores and make incredible vegan candies. Their Halloween section is no exception. They have ghost and skull lollipops, and spooky shaped candies. Make sure to double check for gelatin though, because this is not an entirely vegan company.

Good news!  I did a little amazon search on vegan Halloween candy and found some right HERE.  Definitely check it out if you like the convenience of shopping online.

Now this list of Halloween vegan candy is barely touching the surface. There are so many more options out there!

Do you have any vegan halloween candy or even accidentally vegan candy that you can add to this list? What is your favorite vegan treat?

Please let us know in the comments.

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