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Vegan Fermented Foods: 5 You Should Be Eating

Even though the word “fermented” might not sound the most appetizing, fermented foods can be incredibly delicious and they are healthy for you.

Fermented foods are absolutely incredible for cleansing your body. They have been eaten for thousands of years, and they are in no way a new “trend.”

What Are Fermented Foods?

If you know of sauerkraut and kimchi, you already know of two popular fermented foods. Foods such as cabbage go through a fermentation process which encourages essential and healthy bacteria (such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria) to flourish.

This encourages the growth of probiotics too. The vegetables are completely immersed in a salty brine during the process which kills off any bad bacteria. Then, all that’s left is the good bacteria. It breaks down sugars and starches in the food, making it much easier for your body to digest.

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

When you eat vegan fermented foods, you are feeding the good bacteria in your gut, and removing the bad stuff. Fermented foods also help with digestion and aid in breaking food down. They can even keep harmful bacteria out of your body such as E. coli.

Fermented vegetables are also very nutritious for you. During the fermentation process, the beneficial enzymes truly flourish. Fermented foods can also help to remove toxins from our body.

Basically, they are a form of free healthcare.

They are delicious, cleansing, healthy, and completely natural for you to eat.

Here are 5 popular and delicious vegan fermented foods that you should try to incorporate into your diet regularly if you want the above benefits.

Non-Dairy Yogurt

Non-dairy yogurt is full of healthy probiotics and beneficial gut bacteria.

The wonderful thing about plant-based yogurt is that it can be made out of almonds, coconut, soy, and more. You can choose if you prefer unsweetened or plain. You can also choose between flavors such as chocolate or vanilla. Here’s an article that I wrote all about vegan yogurt.


When people think of fermented foods, this one is typically not high up there. Many people might not even know that tempeh is fermented.

Tempeh is a fermented soy product, and it’s a great protein source.

It undergoes natural culturing which binds the soybeans together. This gives the soybeans an even higher fiber and protein content. It’s very easy to digest, and full of vitamins and minerals. Stay tuned for a future blog post all about tempeh with some delicious tempeh recipes.


Kimchi is one of the most popular fermented foods out there. It’s basically a supercharged form of sauerkraut. It is full of vegetables such as cabbage, peppers, onions, scallions, garlic, and salt.

By fermenting these vegetables, their nutrition content skyrockets.

It’s a Korean food that has been known to help with constipation, boost your immune system, and aid in digestion. Kimchi is delicious in salads or any rice meals.


Kombucha is something that you either love, or you hate. You can find it at any health food store now, and many mainstream grocery stores too.

It’s a form of fermented tea, made with something called a “scoby.” Kombucha is full of living enzymes, amino acids, and antioxidants.

It’s great for helping with digesting, detoxing (especially the liver), clearing up the skin, and overall immune system health.


Miso is a Japanese word, the exact English translation is “fermented beans.” Traditionally, miso is made by fermenting soybeans, rice, and/or barley together with salt and kōjikin (a type of fungus).

It has a very pasty consistency, and it’s full of beneficial antioxidants. Miso is great for soup and adding to Asian noodles dishes. You can also try making your own versions of the above vegan fermented foods instead of buying ones from the store if you want.

So how about you?

Do you like vegan fermented foods?

Do you include them in your diet?

If so, what ones are your favorite?

If I missed any please let me know in the comments section below.  Be sure to also share this article if you got value by using the social media icons below.

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