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Vegan Diets Expensive?

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Vegan Diets

A common excuse and argument that people have against vegan diets is that it’s too expensive. The truth is that vegan diets can be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be.

Specialty Items

The reason that people think vegan diets are expensive is because of all the expensive vegan specialty items out there – vegan cheese, mock meats, vegan ice creams, etc.

These foods can get pricey. But the thing that not many people realize is those specialty items are exactly that: specialty items!

They are not necessary or mandatory to have while eating vegan. If you can afford them, that’s great.

However, if you can’t afford those products, you don’t need to worry because they aren’t a necessity.

Buying in Bulk

Some of the cheapest foods in the world are vegan. Fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, legumes, potatoes, bread, oats, and pasta. These are all foods that you can easily live and thrive on.

Many third world countries are vegan not by choice, but because plant foods such as rice and lentils are literally the only thing that they can afford to buy.

Veganism is even cheaper if you buy these foods in bulk such as bulk bags of rice and potatoes, and big bags of beans that you can cook from scratch.

On average, a 10-pound bag of rice costs $10 or less, and that will easily last you for a month.

It is definitely possible to eat a vegan diet for under $100 a month, which many people do. Meat, dairy, and eggs are much more expensive to buy than rice, oats, and potatoes.

Eating in Season

When you eat plant foods, it’s cheaper because you can eat what’s in season. The foods that are in season will normally be cheaper.

For example, squash in the fall will be cheaper than in the spring, and watermelon in the summer will be cheaper than in the winter. Eat with the seasons and that can help reduce costs.

The best way to do this is by going to your local farmer’s markets! Farmers markets always have great deals, and you can always find fresh foods in season there.

If you have a garden in the summer and grow your own greens and have a fruit tree, the cost of a vegan diet will be even cheaper for you!

Vegan Restaurants

Another complaint that people have about veganism is that vegan restaurants are expensive. This is true, many non vegan restaurants are expensive too.

The thing about restaurants is that no one is forcing vegans to go there – going to a restaurant is 100% optional.

Make Your Own

If you are on a budget, but you still want to eat vegan ice creams and other specialty items, you can! You can make your own ice cream out of frozen bananas.

You can make your own mock meats using cheap ingredients such as flour, vital wheat gluten, and tofu.

There are many free recipes online that you can check out. If you do want to buy specific brands of vegan products, you can always email companies and ask for coupons.


Overall, a vegan diet without specialty items is one of the cheapest ways to eat in the world. If you focus on buying whole plant foods such as rice, potatoes, beans, legumes, oats and pasta in bulk, it is extremely affordable.

The poorest countries in the world eat a vegan diet because that is all they can afford.

If you want vegan specialty items, try homemade recipes and versions to cut down on costs, and email companies for coupons. Go to farmers markets and try growing your own food.

I even have a really great recipe ebook which you can find HERE and for a limited time you can get 50% off the ebook price by using promo code 50OFF.

I will repeat this again because it’s the most important thing to understand: a vegan diet can be as cheap, or as expensive as you want it to be.

You can spend $20 a week on food, or $100 a week on food. The choice is yours depending on what you can afford and what foods you want to buy

Now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment below and share how you feel about vegan diets and if you feel they are expensive.

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