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Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Yay my Vegan Cuts snack box arrived!  It’s my very first snack box from Vegan Cuts.  A company that started in 2011 and located in Canada.

Straight from their Facebook Page:

“At Vegan Cuts, our goal is to make it fun and easy for our members to discover new vegan products and shop vegan.

Vegan Cuts is run by a vegan couple, John and Jill, who really want to see more people shopping with vegan ethics. A commitment to buying vegan food is a great start, but you can also make a positive difference by choosing vegan options when purchasing clothing, shoes, accessories, body care products and everyday household items. This is why Vegan Cuts features a range of vegan products and encourages members to shop vegan by promoting opportunities to save money while eschewing animal cruelty.”

vegan cuts

Vegan Cuts offers a variety of different vegan boxes such as: the vegan snack box and the vegan beauty box.

“Vegan Cut’s monthly subscription boxes save you time and money by delivering the best vegan snacks and beauty products directly to your door each month.”

How cool is that!?

Perfect solution for those of you that find yourself in an area where finding vegan snacks or beauty products difficult.

Or…..a perfect solution for those of you that just want someone else to do the shopping, testing, and tasting for you.

Vegan Cuts not only offer monthly subscriptions but they also offer a variety of stand alone products to buy.

Check out my video below where you get to see exactly what I got from Vegan Cuts for the month of April.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

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As alway….I am here to help you no matter where you are in your vegan journey.

Check out VEGAN CUTS right HERE.

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