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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

In today’s post I take you inside the opening of my very first Vegan Cuts beauty box subscription.  I signed up to receive the beauty box and the snack box each month and so far I have been quite impressed with the amount of vegan products I receive and the quality.

Vegan Cuts is a monthly subscription service that offers beauty boxes and snack boxes.

The company also offers a marketplace to purchase items a la carte and vegan gifts.

Vegan Cuts offer two different monthly subscriptions, a snack box and a beauty box.

They pride themselves in finding the best of the best when it comes to vegan products. They test every single product before they share to ensure that you will be confident in knowing you are buying the best vegan products available.

About the company:

“What’s the most fun way to live your values? Shop vegan!

Our team of vegan sleuths spend their days scouring online shops, festivals and stores for the very best vegan food, beauty and fashion products so we can bring them to you through our online marketplace, our monthly Snack Box and Beauty Box and our special edition boxes.

Now, we don’t just recommend any product—our plant-powered team tries and tests every single product before sharing it with you. Know what that means? You can be confident that you’re buying the very best products and supporting the very best companies when you shop Vegan Cuts.”

What I love about Vegan Cuts is the offering of products that I didn’t even know exist.  As a vegan myself sometimes it is hard to find new and upcoming products that are vegan and Vegan Cuts makes it easy.

Both monthly subscription boxes are quite affordable.

If you are looking to discover new vegan products, then be sure to check out their site: Vegan Cuts 

Want more info on Vegan Cuts Snack Box and Vegan Cuts Beauty Box check it out here: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

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