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Vegan Creamers – Here’s Your Resource List

Coffee creamers are something that many people don’t know can be made vegan! They truly take your coffee, latte or even tea to the next level.

In fact some can’t go without creamer in their coffee.

So if  you’re wondering why you should use vegan creamers instead of a dairy one, read my blog post on 10 reasons to ditch dairy today.

When it comes to vegan creamers, you’re not going to like all of them. It can really be hit or miss. Some are way too sweet, some aren’t sweet enough. Some are too creamy, some aren’t creamy enough.

However, there is one thing that all the vegan creamers on this list have in common – they’re all cruelty-free!

Also, none of these creamers contain cholesterol like typical dairy creamers do.

You can find vegan creamers at most grocery and health food stores.

Here are some of the best ones out there.


Silk has many different creamers to choose from made out of different bases. They have four different soy creamers to choose from and three different almond flavors. You are sure to like at least one of their creamers!

They have flavors like vanilla, caramel, and even hazelnut.

Laird Superfood

This creamer company is unique because they are a bit more focused on health than other creamers are. They include superfoods in their creamers such as algae, cacao, coconut oil, turmeric, and more.

The great thing about their vegan creamers is that they don’t need to be refrigerated. This makes them perfect for bringing on-the-go, whether that be to school, work, or a camping trip.

Califia Farms

This company is fairly new and they have some great products. Their creamer is called BetterHalf. They use a blend of almond milk and coconut cream to make delicious creamers.

It is non-GMO and it doesn’t have any carrageen, which can be rare. Carrageen is vegan, it comes from seaweed. However, it can cause digestive problems for some.

So Delicious

So Delicious’s creamers truly are so delicious. They make creamers out of coconut milk in different flavors such as french vanilla, original, hazelnut, and more.

They also make almond-based creamers that come in the same flavors.

Ripple Foods Half-&-Half

This company makes delicious vegan creamers. It’s unique because they include both omega 3 and 6s from plant-based sources. It’s not too sweet, so it’s great for those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

Coconut Cloud

This is a brand of powdered creamer. You can get it in single-serve size packets, or larger canisters.

They have flavors such as hazelnut and vanilla. These vegan creamers are low sugar and a bit on the healthier side than others. They don’t need to be refrigerated either!

Nut Pods

This creamer has a very smooth texture. It’s made out of coconut cream and almonds.

In addition to popular flavors like french vanilla and hazelnut, they also have seasonal flavors. These include Vanilla lemon and pumpkin spice. This would be great for the fall!

Trader Joe’s

Did you know that Trader Joe’s has their own vegan creamers? You can choose between coconut based, or soy based. They’re both delicious and pretty affordable.

Pacific Foods

This company makes a “Barista” line for various coffee shops. It seems like you can only purchase their creamers through Amazon. They have creamers made out of soy, coconut, and almond. They don’t need to be refrigerated until opening.


Even though this brand has been around for quite a while, they’re not that popular. Something that makes them unique from other creamers is that they only use organic soy milk. They only have one flavor though – original.

Walden Farms

This is another creamer that you can buy online from Amazon. They come in a unique container that looks like salad dressings. They are sugar-free which is pretty unique!

They come in flavors like mocha, hazelnut, and french vanilla. This is definitely a healthier creamer option for those who are looking for one.


This creamer is 100% natural. It’s so simple, and it’s made out of coconuts. The main ingredients are coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut sugar. There aren’t any preservatives or water in it either.

The coconut cream acts as a natural preservative!

Wander Life Coconut Creamer

This is another creamer that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You can purchase it on Amazon, and it’s perfect for those who are on the go. There are 6 different varieties that you can choose from. You can get unsweetened versions or sweetened versions.

Simple Truth Coconutmilk Creamer

Here is yet another creamer that you can buy online. This creamer is organic. You can choose to buy single-serve packets or larger canisters. It comes in both vanilla and original flavors.

It’s crazy how many non-dairy creamer options there is out there today. Did I miss any?

Have you tried any that are on this list? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with vegan creamers in the comments below.

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