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Vegan Cheese Brands

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Vegan Cheese Brands

If you ask most vegans what the hardest food was for them to give up, many of them will say cheese. If you ask non-vegans the reason why they aren’t vegan, most of them will say “I could never give up cheese.”

Cheese addiction is a real thing. Cheese contains a substance in it called casomorphins. The most distinguishing characteristic of casomorphins is that they have an opioid effect on the body.

Opioids are well known for their ability to provide a feeling of euphoria, and when you try to give them up, you go through withdrawal symptoms. Cheese has a strikingly similar effect. You get pleasure while eating it, and when you try to stop, you might experience intense cravings and eventually give in.

Cheese is literally addicting.

The great thing about going vegan in this day and age is that there is a vegan alternative for literally everything. Companies have made it so easy to be vegan.

For any cheese lover who wants to go vegan, you don’t have to worry about missing the taste, texture, and even smell of cheese. There are so many vegan cheese brands that will blow your mind and give your taste buds exactly what they want!

Here is a list of some of the best and well-known vegan cheese brands. You can get vegan cheese in shreds, slices, blocks, sauces, and so much more.

Whether you are looking for the perfect cheese to use in your grilled cheese sandwich, some shreds to use on pizza that will melt perfectly, or some gooey mozzarella, you can find a vegan version of it.

In this list, you will see brands that make vegan cheese sauces for mac and cheese or nachos, cream cheese, cheese that is perfect to eat with crackers, gourmet artisan cheeses, and so much more. Enjoy!

If you want to make your own vegan cheese at home, there are many books written that are dedicated entirely to plant based cheese.

Here are a few of them:

What is your favorite vegan cheese brand?

If you know of any other brands that I missed, please leave them in the comments down below!

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