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Vegan Careers

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Wondering about Vegan careers?

Well the good news is veganism is getting more and more popular every day!

This means that more people want a career that aligns with their morals and values.  Most vegans don’t want to work at McDonalds flipping burgers or shall I say dead animals. 

Since veganism is getting more and more popular, there are much more job opportunities for vegans as well! It might seem like it’s impossible to find a job that you truly love and one that aligns with your values, but it’s not impossible.

Vegan restaurants and cafes are popping up all over the place. Cities and towns are constantly opening up new ones.

Wherever you live, search vegan restaurants in your area and apply there. Working at a vegan restaurant is such an amazing job because not only will you be able to handle vegan food, you’ll also make friends and meet people who are like minded. If you don’t have a restaurant in your area, try searching for an organic juice or smoothie shop.

You can also look for vegan bakeries because those are becoming more popular as well.

Become a veterinarian or a veterinary technician is a great option for people who love animals and are into science. Then you can hang out with animals even during work!

Another option if you love animals is working at a farm sanctuary. Most farm sanctuaries only accept volunteers, but there are many sanctuaries out there that are looking to hire people because they need full time residents to take care of the animals, or just someone there everyday to help out.

If you are passionate about writing, you could write for a vegan magazine company, or even start your own magazine! If you like recipe making, you could write your own recipe book and self publish that.

There are lots of animal rights organizations that are always looking to hire people. A couple include PETA, and Mercy For Animals.

Many job postings for animal rights organizations are posted online, so make sure to check them out.

If you are into health and fitness, you could become a personal trainer, or a plant based nutritionist or dietician. You could even start your own health coaching business.

Working for vegan companies could be another option for you.

Whether you want to work for a plant based company that creates vegan food such as Gardein, Daiya, Field Roast, or other plant based alternatives, there are hundreds to choose from.

Alternatively, if you prefer to work with cosmetics, there are many cruelty free cosmetic companies that need people on their team as well.

Working at a health food store could be a good option for people too.

What if you started your own small organic farm and selling your fruits and vegetables at farmers markets, and to local restaurants and health food stores in your area? If you are passionate about plants and horticulture, you could work at a greenhouse.

There are so many options for vegans, those are only a fraction of the careers out there. There is definitely something out there for everybody.

As a vegan myself I know how important it is to work in a field that is inline with your values.

Feel free to comment below on some vegan careers you would consider that I may have missed.


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