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Vegan Cake – Chocolate-Covered Katie

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Vegan Cake – Chocolate-Covered Katie

Guest Blogger – Michelle P

How would you like to make a vegan cake and eat it? Also eat all of your favorite desserts and still feel healthy while you fit into your skinniest jeans?

vegan cakeHow does vegan cake for breakfast sound? Meet Katie, the girl who consumes chocolate every day. When her sugar intake went too far in college, Katie was left lacking energy and realized that changes had to be made.

She then began to develop her own naturally sweet recipes and post them online. Soon enough, her healthy dessert blog became an internet sensation with about six million monthly visitors.

In her first cookbook, Chocolate-Covered Katie, she shares over 80 never-before-seen recipes such as peanut butter pudding pops, chocolate obsession cake and ultimate unbaked brownies.

All her recipes are meant to use only real ingredients, without unwanted fats, sugars and empty calories. These desserts have proven once and for all that happiness and health can work hand-in-hand. So you can enjoy the sugar rush from desserts!

What’s Inside

This cookbook has so many delicious and healthy recipes that even if you are not vegan, you will most definitely enjoy the treats!

Chocolate-Covered Katie will completely transform the way you cook and eat. Vegans and their non-vegan friends have turned to Katie’s blog and healthy treats by sharing her posts on social media sites. From then on, people have tried out Katie’s recipes and discovered how amazing they are. Chocolate-Covered Katie will never bring you any disappointment. This is the one cookbook that you will need to have on your shelves especially if you would die for sweet treats!

Although Katie’s blog also provides recipes for entrees, Chocolate-Covered Katie focuses just on desserts. Trust us when we say they are amazing desserts! AND the most shocking revelation: although the title does not mention it, all of the recipes are vegan.

Vegan cake and vegan desserts here we come!

The Breakdown

We want to give a breakdown of what is to expect from this truly genuine and unique cookbook.

The Chocolate-Covered Kitchen provides you with a rundown of what you would want to keep on-hand in your pantry and some general tips for the recipes for Cookies, Brownies and Bars.  The book also contains recipes for Sinless Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Raspberry Crumble Bars and Chocolate-Covered Thin Mintz—the recipe on the book cover.

vegan cake

Didn’t we tell you about Desserts for Breakfast?

Breakfast desserts include recipes like Chocolate Brownie Waffles, Pumpkin Breakfast Pudding, Chocoholic Glazed Donuts, Elvis PB Pancakes and Midnight Chocolate Crunch Granola. You may also find some of these recipes on Katie’s blog.

Healthy Ice Cream, Milkshakes and Smoothies contain about five different ice cream or sorbet recipes, together with recipes like PB Pudding Pops and a Chocolate Mudslide Smoothie.

Know how to make Pies, Cakes and Cupcakes with recipes for Chocolate Obsession Cake, Cashew Cream Mini-Tarts and a variety of sweet cupcakes.

There also is a chapter for Puddings, Dips, Frostings and more. Read the recipes for finger-licking dips. These embrace the number one recipe from her blog – the Cookie Dough Dip – and other things like Healthy Nutella and a variety of pie crust recipes.

Also included is a Stevia Conversation Chart and a Metric Conversation Chart in the back, along with a comprehensive index.

The Reviews

Chocolate-Covered Katie boasts 5 out of 5 stars on reviews.

The most loved-things about Katie’s recipes—besides being delicious- are how they use easy-to-find ingredients. Whenever she sends out new recipes in her weekly e-newsletter, people find out that most of the recipes can be made with ingredients they have on hand.

Once your pantry is stocked with staples, it becomes very easy and quick to make the recipes. None of the recipes from Chocolate-Covered Katie take too long to make. It makes it easier to whip together something yummy and healthy for dessert!

Katie’s recipes are not only healthy, but most definitely delicious!

Even the carnivores would undoubtedly enjoy chocolate or ice cream as their desserts and would not like any other dessert outside Chocolate-Covered Katie. Treat your partner with ‘Betterfinger’ Bars and Pumpkin Chocolate Pizzokie.

Most of the 80 recipes are brand-new, and there is an attractive full-color photo to accompany each recipe. Cookbooks with images are the best because they inspire you to try out new recipes.

Katie also includes a few favorite recipes from her blog.

Besides the photos, each recipe also comes with a nutritional analysis, gluten-free options and notes about alternatives if there are no other ingredients on hand that the original recipe calls for.

Although you would not be needing a high-speed blender like Vitamix or Blendtec for making the recipes, you will need an efficient blender and/or a food processor.

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