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Vegan Athletes Who Prove You Don’t Need to Eat Meat to Be Awesome

Where do vegan athletes get their protein? It may surprise many to know that you don’t have to be a meat eater to build a strong, lean, competitive body.

Nope…..these athletes prove that you can be strong and a winning athlete through a plant based diet.

vegan athletes

Torre Washington – Vegan Body Builder

Raised vegetarian and vegan since 1998, Torre Washington didn’t let the myth you couldn’t be a vegan body builder stop him.

In fact that is what drove his passion for sculpting his body and competing.

Throughout his recent years, he has placed within the top three with 5 different organizations and attained 4 different pro cards.

With over 66K followers on Instagram he is an inspiration to many pursuing veganism as his way of life.

Torre is driven by his passion and is motivated by thousands across the world to have the courage to pursue their dreams and to also give them courage.


Patrik Baboumian – Vegan Strongmanvegan athletes

Possibly the strongest man on earth, Patrik was vegetarian several years before turning vegan in 2011. 

“I just found myself thinking that if I would have to kill the animals I ate with my own hands I couldn’t because I was to compassionate. I felt that I was fooling myself eating meat considering my inability to kill an animal so I just thought I’d better be honest to myself and stop eating meat.”

Over the last 4 years Patrik has been awarded the title of Germany’s Strongest Man, racked up multiple victories at the European Powerlifting Championships and set four Guinness World Records for various strength exercises.


vegan athletes

Kendrick Farris – Vegan Olympic Weightlifter

Kendrick Farris is from Shreveport, La and has been vegan since 2014 when his first son was born. Farris stated on his Facebook page:

“I really don’t know what happened to me. My son was born almost two years ago, he was born in September 2014 and something happened where I was like I’m just seeing the whole thing. So I’m like I need to do something different. Like how do you get back to what is the most purest form of our life, our being and it started with the food.” 

Clearly he proves you don’t need to eat meat to be the best at lifting weights.

In fact he broke the US clean and jerk record in May 2016, by lifting nearly 800 pounds.

Should be awesome to see what he does at the Olympics in Rio as the only vegan weightlifter in the competition.


vegan athletes

Morgan Mitchell – Vegan Sprinter

As of writing this post Morgan is unbeaten in the women’s 400-meter race and has secured her spot at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Vegan for a year and a half now she believes that a plant based diet has helped give her a competitive edge, saying:

“I have been vegan for a year and a half. That’s really helped with everything: energy, health, the environment. I am one of those people who actually cares. It’s what I chose to do.”

She decided to go vegan after watching an animal-rights documentary that made her realize she no longer wanted to contribute what animal slaughtering does to our environment or the cruelty to animals.

She also contributes her trim physique and faster running times to her vegan diet.


vegan athletes

David Carter – NFL Defensive Lineman

Known as the 300 pound vegan on Instagram, David Carter is a vegan, animal rights activist, NFL lineman and public speaker.

On February 14, 2014 he gave his wife who is vegan a special gift.  He announced to her he was going vegan and vowed to never again consume animal products.

After going vegan David started to see a noticeable increase in his stamina, more energy, shorter recovery time, improved strength and peace of mind that no animal had to die for him to live.

All of  his nagging injuries and health issues diminished because of his decision to go vegan.

“I can honestly say that being vegan is not only the most efficient way to be full-body strong, it’s also the most humane; everyone wins.”


vegan athletes Scott Jurek – Vegan Ultramarathon Runner

For almost two decades now, Scott has been a vegan.

He gradually started his vegan diet back in college by cutting out meat. Then eventually finally going to a full vegan lifestyle.

He comes from a family history of chronic disease, including his mother’s multiple sclerosis which is one of his reasons for going vegan.

Scott has a lot of accomplishments and has taken the running world by storm, but none have been more impressive than his Appalachian Trail thru-hike speed record, where he averaged nearly 50 miles a day over 46 days.

His book, Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness is a book where Scott opens up about his life and career as an elite athlete and a vegan. 

As you can see clearly from these amazing athletes, you don’t need to eat meat to be a strong competitive athlete.

You can get plenty of protein from a plant based diet and many who convert to veganism find that they have more energy, stamina and feel healthier.  Not to mention doing good for the environment, people. and of course the animals.

Who are the vegan athletes you know?  Share below and if you got value in this post feel free to share.

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