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Thug Kitchen Party Grub: For Social Motherf*ckers

Well it’s that time of the year and lots of friends and family are gathering around the house for football season.

If you are anything like us we love having family & friends over for our favorite football games.  We also enjoy preparing party grub and of course that grub must be vegan.

Yes….even for our non vegan family and friends.

One of our favorite go to recipe books: Thug Kitchen Party Grub

thug kitchen party grub

From the duo behind New York Times bestseller, Thug Kitchen, comes the next installment of kick-ass recipes with a side of attitude. Thug Kitchen:Party Grub answers the question that they have heard most from their fans: How the hell are you supposed to eat healthy when you hang around with a bunch of assholes who couldn’t care less about what they stuff in their face? The answer: You make a bomb-ass plant-based dish from Thug Kitchen. Featuring over 100 recipes for every occasion, Party Grubcombines exciting, healthy food with easy-to-follow directions and damn entertaining commentary.

From appetizers like Deviled Chickpea Bites to main events like Mexican Lasagna, Thug Kitchen: Party Grub is here to make sure you’re equipped with dishes to bring the flavor without a side of fat, calories, and guilt. Also included are cocktail recipes, because sometimes these parties need a pick-me-up of the liquid variety.

The book has five chapters covering:

  • Breakfasts
  • Small bites / dips
  • Salads /sauces and sides
  • Main courses
  • Desserts & cocktails

The book is full of fun food, party food!  Great recipes that taste good and are VEGAN!

Even our non vegan friends loved our grub.

Good news is if you love the Thug Kitchen cookbooks the authors are releasing a brand new book coming out in early October.

Introducing Thug Kitchen 101 – You can find out more HERE.

thug kitchen 101

The creators of the New York Times bestselling cookbook series Thug Kitchen are back to deliver you the sorta gentle, but always hilarious shove you need to take the leap into healthy eating.

Thug Kitchen 101 includes more than 100 easy and accessible recipes to give you a solid start toward a better diet. TK holds your hand and explains ingredients from chickpeas to nooch so you’ll feel confident knowing exactly what the f*ck you’re cooking. This kickass kitchen primer also serves up health benefits and nutrition to remind everyone, from clueless newbies to health nuts, how a plant-based lifestyle benefits our bodies, minds, environment, and pocketbooks. THAT’S RIGHT. EAT GREEN, SAVE GREEN.

So scared of commitment you can’t even dedicate some time to cook? Thug Kitchen’s here to fix that sh*t: All recipes in TK 101 are guaranteed to be faster than delivery, so you can whip up some tasty meals with simple ingredients regardless of when you stumble home from work. You’re too damn important to be eating garbage, so TK has made it easy to take care of #1: you. No needless nonsense or preachy bullsh*t. Just delicious, healthy, homemade food for all the full-time hustlers out there.

“Thug Kitchen backs up its bluster with good, solid recipes.” ― New York Times
“Funny, self-aware, and full of delicious-looking recipes that I want to make right this second.” ―

So if you are looking to impress your family and friends with some VEGAN grub be sure to check out Thug Kitchen Party Grub.

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