refreshing summer drinks
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Refreshing Summer Drinks

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Refreshing Summer Drinks – All Vegan

Drinking water is so important for our health, especially as the temperature rises. To switch things up, there are many other refreshing drinks that will hydrate you and please your taste buds.

Here are 5 different recipes for refreshing summer drinks. All of these can be easily made a home, you’re going to love them. None of them contain alcohol, and all of these recipes are super healthy for you.

Non-alcoholic sangria by Simple Vegan Blog

refreshing summer drinks

Credit: Simple Vegan Blog

A tasty typically known as a Spanish drink made with wine, fruits, and sweetener. We searched high and low and found this great recipe that we just simply love from the Simple Vegan Blog.

This version is alcohol free where the grape juice is replacing the wine.

Click HERE to view this refreshing recipe.

Watermelon Peach Smoothie by Seasonal Cravings

refreshing summer drinks

Credit: Seasonal Cravings

Who doesn’t love watermelon during the summer months? Add a little peach and you have a refreshing summer drink. We really love this recipe from Seasonal Cravings and we know you will too while sitting by the pool.

Click HERE to view the recipe.

Strawberry Peach Iced Tea by A Classic Twist

Credit: A Classic Twist

This recipe is from A Classic Twist that will surely quench that summer thirst. As a southern gal I love my iced tea.  With a hint of strawberry and peach this one takes the win for me.

Click HERE to view the recipe.

Unicorn Frappucino by The Little Blog of Vegan

refreshing summer drinks

Credit: The Little Blog of Vegan

How fun does this drink look? The perfect summer time dessert.

I don’t know about you but every once in awhile I like to enjoy a shake.  Finding a vegan version is not always that easy nor this pretty.

Click HERE to view the recipe.

Rose, Lemon & Strawberry Infused Water by Wallflower Kitchen

refreshing summer drinks

Credit: Wallflower Kitchen

I don’t know about you personally but I am not a big water drinker.  I know…. I should be but the only way I can really seem to get enough water down is by infusing.

That’s why we love this last recipe.

Click HERE to view the recipe.

Do you have any favorite refreshing summer drinks? Feel free to share a link below in our comments.
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