My New Book

I’m super excited to announce that I have officially published my very own book. It brings so much joy to my heart that I’m able to spread compassion toward animals, and the planet through a book.

Did you know that 56 billion large animals die every year just to satisfy our hunger for meat and animal products? That’s not counting the trillions of sea creatures we also harvest. And it’s all for nothing.

Humans can thrive on a well-balanced diet of plant products. Everything we get from animals, from fur to leather, we have better artificial substitutes for. So why are we still killing?

In this book, teen Vegan Megan Alpha explores the cultural reasons behind the appalling slaughter, and why it needs to stop—not just to save the animals, but to save us and our planet.

Raising animals for slaughter desensitizes us to suffering, stunts our ethical growth, and damages the environment. She proves we can do without animal products just fine in this modern world. If we don’t end the slaughter soon, we may end ourselves as well.

Buy the BOOK HERE.