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Must Have Vegan Apps For Your Smartphone

How many Vegan apps do you have on your smartphone?

Your smartphone is an often overlooked tool for helping you with your vegan journey.  So whether you are new to being vegan, transitioning to being vegan or committed already to the vegan lifestyle, these vegan apps for your smartphone will definitely come in handy.

These are my personal favorite and the “go-to” vegan apps I use when I find myself questioning whether something is truly vegan or I am traveling and looking for a vegan friendly place to eat.

1. HappyCow – Claimed to be the #1 vegan or vegetarian restaurant guide on iTunes.  I simply love this app and use it all the time when I am traveling to new cities or countries.  You can use filters to find vegan only places to eat all the way to vegan friendly options. They even have a vegetarian option if you are like me and know that if it’s vegetarian you can probably convince the restaurant to make it vegan.

* Search filters by location, vegan, vegetarian, health food stores + more
* Browse HappyCow to find a popular cafe or restaurant
* Store your favorites for future reference
* Organize restaurants and stores for your upcoming trips
* View an interactive map with restaurants
* Get directions, phone numbers, reviews, and website information
* Share what you find with your friends
* Upload photos of your delicious food
* Submit reviews and advice for your fellow HappyCow users
* Be Happy with HappyCow

2. Cruelty Free – A great app to find out which companies are cruelty-free, meaning they don’t test ingredients, formulation, or finished products on animals. So if you have ever been at a store and have often wondered is it cruelty free, this app will definitely come in handy.  You can look up cosmetics, personal care, and household companies.  The guide is only companies in the US and/or Canada.

• Search or browse companies alphabetically and by product categories
• Scan products to see if they are cruelty-free
• See company logos and descriptions
• Use direct links to company websites
• Continually updated

3. Is it Vegan? – Reading ingredients can be complicated and this app makes it a bit easier by scanning bar codes on products.  You can scan products from your smartphone and a meter will appear on your phone letting you know whether the product is vegan or not.

• Scan
• Get an answer
• View a detailed report
• Search for a product by name
• Search for an ingredient & share your results

4. VeganXpress – An app on what’s vegan at popular chain restaurants and fast food places.  Meh…I am not a fast food eater but I still wanted to share this with you just in case you may be or you are forced to eat fast food. This app also features a full list of vegan / vegetarian beers, wine, liquor, snacks, candy and foods that you may not have realized were vegan.

Seriously though, I am not knocking fast food because often times we find ourselves with our friends in some non-vegan friendly places and those places often times don’t label things that may actually be vegan on their menu. This app has over 130 common restaurants and their menu items suitable for the vegan diet.

5. Fork Over Knives – Want some tasty vegan recipes?  This app has a ton of awesome recipes to the tune of over 200 and more added weekly.

•Over 200 (and growing) great-tasting, whole-food, plant-based recipes – with new recipes added weekly!
•Find and prepare your favorite recipes with ease
•Preparation made simple with step-by-step instructions
•For each step, see the ingredients you need with just a tap
•Synchronize your shoppings lists across multiple devices with iCloud
•Contributions from over 20 leading chefs.
•Tips on the plant-based lifestyle and more!

6. Bunny Free – Another great app to check if a company is cruelty-free. You can search for companies by name and the app will tell you whether or not they test on animals.  You also use the scan barcode function.

7. Animal Free – Oh my have you ever just looked on the back of a product and see a list of ingredients that you have no clue what they are?  I know I have and typically will just not even buy the product but this app will help you find out if those unfamiliar ingredients are actually hidden animal product ingredients.

You can even scan barcodes to lookup products in their online database and find out what other users think. Feel free to also add products to the database and share your findings to help others.

Did I miss any of your favorite vegan apps for your smartphone?  If so please feel free to share in the comment section below. Also if you got value from this post be sure to share with your friends.

Btw….all of these vegan apps for your smartphone can be found in your app store whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, just do a simple search.

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