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Becoming Conscious and Aware Through A Vegan Lifestyle

I get this question a lot: What does it mean to be vegan & live a vegan lifestyle?

As a vegan myself let me first clarify what it means to be vegan.  Vegan is someone who eliminates from their diet all animal products including all animal by products. Some products are clearly non-negotiable such as red meat, fish, poultry, dairy, milk and eggs but then you have some people who say they are vegan who still consume honey, silk and refined sugar all of which are still being debated among the vegan lifestyle.

For myself and my family living a vegan lifestyle we DO NOT eat or use honey, silk, & refined sugar.

Awe…. but then there are those hidden ingredients like gelatin and whey milk that are also avoided by vegans just as much as wool, suede, animal leather and animal skins.

vegan lifestyle

As a vegan we also advocate against animal cruelty and we don’t like to pay a visit to pet stores, circuses, zoos and/or animal rodeos.

If the vegan lifestyle sound interesting for you, there are numerous ways that you can pursue this lifestyle and get to know all about the aspects of living a vegan life such as supplying your pantry with vegan products.

You can also learn how to use replacement foods that you already consume with vegan preferences and how to follow your nutritional body needs, also address common beliefs and misconception about the vegan lifestyle, and learn how to cut-out animal products.

We love Whole Foods and Sprouts when it comes to buying our vegan food.  We have also found that even Target and our local grocery store are now starting to carry more and more vegan food products.

One of the amazing benefits of a vegan lifestyle is that it is often attributed to reduced risks for some health problems such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and high blood pressure, although specific measures have to be carried out by vegans to ensure that nutritional necessities are met such as taking B12 and vitamin D.

Two of my favorite choices for B12 and vitamin D3 are vegan and can easily be found here, B12 & D3.

vegan lifestyle

A vegan lifestyle is a personal choice and one that our family takes very seriously.  If you are considering a vegan lifestyle you should consider taking in all the factors which involves asking and answering questions on some ethical factors of animal farming practices and the moral issues associated with slaughtering living things for consumption.

A full-pledged vegan may simply follow a certain vegan diet which is what we consider to be a person who is vegan for their health. But to live a vegan lifestyle it’s a full lifestyle that has ethical, ecological and spiritual convictions.

Again…. the vegan lifestyle also know as veganism is where an individual avoids animal products not only in their food consumption but also in the material things they use.

There are many hidden animal products all around our society, such as in sugar and wine that are typically charred with animal bones.  This is something they use in the refining process. So if you are vegan be sure to choose a sugar that is NOT charred with animal bones.  

We buy organic cane sugar when needed.  If you have a Whole Foods or comparable store near you that has employees educated on being vegan you can always ask if the product you are considering to buy is vegan. 

There are many vegan companies out there that support veganism and that sell cruelty and animal free products. A simple google search will direct you to those companies.  Consider buying from those companies to show your support.

The more we can do to spread the word on veganism the bigger impact we can collectively have.

vegan lifestyle

In a typical vegan household, the people, just as our family does live consciously and in harmony by not doing any harm to their environment through NOT using anything that exploits or hurts animals.

Yes this includes, soaps, what we wear, the food we eat, our cosmetics, our hair products, etc….

In conclusion there are numerous benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. To know that you, yes one single individual can make a difference is a empowering feeling.  As a vegan you can live a healthy life and you don’t need to practice cruelty to animals in order to satisfy your need.  There are many plant based alternatives.

Becoming vegan can take time.  Some jump feet first and others slowly start eliminating animal products.  Either way just by taking some effort to make yourself aware of decisions in your personal diet and lifestyle can lead to being you, an individual who can make a huge impact for the animals who have no voice.

A great resource that we own full of recipes and easy practical ways to go vegan can be found below: “If you’re a waffling vegan newbie, on-the-fence vegetarian, or veg-curious omnivore, this book will banish your doubts. You’ll find you can get enough protein, fit in at a potluck, learn to love cauliflower, and enjoy pizza, nachos, brownies, and more—without any animal products at all. (Even vegan pros will discover some new tricks!)”

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