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How to Make Vegan Friends

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How to make vegan friends when it seems all of your friends aren’t vegan.  A thought that quite a few vegans ponder from time to time.

When people first go vegan, it’s common for them to feel isolated and alone. Especially if you go vegan without the support of your friends or family, it can be very hard in the beginning.

It’s so important to have people who support you and understand you.

So today I want to offer you some suggestions on how you can make vegan friends to increase your circle of like minded friends.

If you are ready then here are some ways to make vegan friends if you don’t have any, or if you want more.

Meet Ups

Going to vegan meet ups is the easiest way to meet new people and make new friends!

Go to a potluck, or meet up at a vegan restaurant in your area if you have one. Check online if there are any vegan meet ups in the area that you live in.

Consider doing a search on or even do a search for your city with vegan next to it on Facebook, Instagram, etc…

I live in the Dallas area and I was able to search Dallas vegan in the groups section of Facebook and found several groups to join.

Go to Vegan Restaurants

It might seem weird going to a vegan restaurant alone, but it’s a great way to meet new people. Especially if you go to a busy one, you might end up sitting beside someone that you can talk to.

Vegan restaurants are great because most of the people who go there are usually interested in veganism as well. Someone might notice that you are sitting alone and come up and ask to sit with you, you never know.

Even if you don’t make a new friend, you will still get to enjoy some delicious vegan food.


Get a Job at a Vegan Restaurant

If you are looking for a new job, get a job at a fully vegan place if you can. Getting a job at a vegan cafe, vegan bakery, or vegan restaurant is great because you will know that most of the people who work there/are applying there are like-minded and probably vegan themselves.

The people who you work with can turn into more than just co-workers – they can be your friends too! It’s a great situation – you get to work at a job where you don’t have to handle animal products, and you will be surrounded by people who understand why you are vegan.


Volunteer at a Farm Sanctuary

If you have a farm sanctuary or some sort of rescue group in your area, try to volunteer there. Farm sanctuaries are almost always run by vegans, and they usually have a few days a month scheduled for tours, volunteer clean-ups, and vegan potlucks.

It’s a great way to meet like-minded people who love animals, plus you get to interact with the animals there and make some non-human friends as well.


Check Facebook Groups in Your Area

There’s a vegan Facebook group for just about every city in the world now. Check if there’s one in your area, and join in. People in the Facebook group will post about meet ups if there are any, and they will usually give tips and advice about other things such as where to buy specific vegan products in your area.

If you find someone that you think you would like to get to know better, it’s easy to message them and schedule a date to meet up.


Social Media

Social media is an amazing way to make vegan friends. Whether it’s through Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook, there are always vegans online.

A great way to find vegans in your area through social media is by putting the word vegan after the area that you live in. For example, if you live in Texas, go on the hashtag #texasvegan and you will find many posts made by vegans living in Texas.

There could be another vegan living down the road from you for all you know! Not only is it a great way to find out about other like-minded people in your area, but you might also find out about some new vegan products and places to eat where you live that you didn’t know about before.


Join a Club

If you go to a large university, college, or even high school, many of them now have Animal Rights and/or Vegan clubs. These clubs are a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The clubs usually also organize potlucks and fun events such as going to sanctuaries together.

Clubs are great because most of the people there will be the same age as you, and you might even already know some of the people from seeing them around school.


Go to Protests

If you have any protests in your area, go to them. Whether it’s a fur protest, a protest at a slaughterhouse, bearing witness at a slaughterhouse, or anything else, you will find vegans there. These people are always passionate about veganism and you are sure to meet people there.

Even if you decide that going to protests isn’t for you, at least you had the experience of going to one in the first place.


Convert Your Existing Friends

If the thought of meeting new people and making new friends doesn’t interest you, that’s totally fine. You don’t have to have vegan friends to be vegan! Sometimes, the best way to make vegan friends is to convert the ones you already have.

Not by force, but by example. Maybe have a movie night with your best friend where you watch vegan documentaries together. Bake your friends vegan brownies and take them to vegan restaurants with you.

Show them how good vegan food can taste, and be there for them if they have any questions. Sometimes it takes time, but sometimes the best vegan friends you can have are the ones that you have been friends with for years, even before you were vegan.

Finally if you just want to meet new vegan friends online and you really do not care if they are local to you or not please feel free to join our vegan private group on Facebook, HERE.  Feel free to ask in the group if anyone is from your area and who knows…..there may be  a new friend waiting to connect.

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