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How to Cut Out Dairy from your diet

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Cut out dairy from your diet and feel good about it? Yes, it’s possible!

A common response that vegans get when they tell people about their lifestyle is: “but I could never give up cheese!”

It’s much easier for people to cut out meat than it is for them to cut out dairy, which is why there are so many vegetarians.

So here are some tips that can make it easier to cut out dairy from your diet and eat fully plant based.

  1. Educate Yourself About the Dairy Industry – Many people simply aren’t aware of what animals in the dairy industry have to go through on a daily basis. Whether it’s for milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, or any other dairy product, dairy cows suffer every single day. Just like humans, cows only lactate when they are pregnant. However, once they give birth to their calf, the calf is taken away (for veal) so that humans can drink the milk instead. The mother cows feel immense amounts of grief once this happens, yet it happens once a year for 4 years, until they are slaughtered for meat. Every single day during those 4 years, the mother cow is hooked up to machines to suck the milk from her udders, instead of having her calf suck from them. Cows will often get mastitis from bacteria infections. Once you make the connection and realize that the only reason you are able to drink milk is because a calf out there isn’t, it becomes easier to cut it out of your diet.


  1. Learn About the Health Concerns – Dairy is not healthy for our bodies. It is full of hormones that humans should not be ingesting. Many of these hormones can cause cancer in our bodies. One type of hormone is insulin growth factor. After all, dairy is made for a baby calf to grow into a 400+ pound cow within a few months. Many young girls who consume lots of dairy hit puberty sooner from all the hormones they are ingesting. This is not healthy. The hormones in dairy also cause acne. Dairy also causes lots of mucus within the body, because it is so acidic. Dairy also contains pus, which the industry refers to as “somatic cells.” Each and every millilitre of milk can have up to 1,000,000 cells. Think about that for a second – do you really want to be drinking something that has 1 million pus cells per each millilitre?! Also, dairy contains antibiotics and pesticides. Everything that the cow ingests goes into the milk that you drink and cheese that you eat.


  1. Understanding Addiction – Did you know that it’s possible that you might literally be addicted to dairy? Dairy contains something in it called casomorphins. These are proteins that have an opioid effect. Cheese contains the highest amount of casomorphins, and funny enough, cheese is usually the product that people have the hardest time giving up. Therefore, many people benefit from cutting cheese out cold turkey in order to beat their cheese addition.


  1. Find Alternatives – Just because you cut out dairy from your diet doesn’t mean that you have to live without cheese, ice cream, milk, or yogurt. All you need to do is find vegan alternatives to replace them with instead. Try a bunch of vegan cheese brands to see what you like best. Chao and Daiya are popular brands. There are hundreds and thousands of vegan alternatives today. Even Ben & Jerry’s now offers many vegan ice cream flavors! If you find a tasty vegan cheese alternative, it can help keep you on track. If you live in a rural area without any vegan options, there are tons of recipes online for making your own vegan cheeses and milks out of plant ingredients such as nuts.

Once you know the truth about the dairy industry, and how harmful dairy is for your health, it becomes easier to cut out dairy.

Search in your area for vegan dairy alternatives to make the transition easier.

After a while, your taste buds will begin to adjust and soon the thought of consuming dairy will no longer seem appealing to you.

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