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Circus Cruelty

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Circus Cruelty after all these years is still going on all over the world but slowly the cruelty is finally gaining awareness and circuses are beginning to shut their doors.

Now circuses might be a fun place for kids to go to, however, it’s not fun for the animals. So many beautiful creatures have to suffer in the name of entertainment.

There have been many investigations done on circuses which shows what really goes on behind the scenes.

Sadly animals at the circus are abused, both physically and mentally. Abused and scared that they will do whatever their trainers want them to.

Elephants, tigers, monkeys, and other animals don’t willingly do tricks such as stand on balls and jump through hoops of fire. They only do these tricks because they are absolutely terrified of what will happen to them if they don’t.

When animals don’t do the tricks that their trainers want them to do, they are mentally and physically tortured.

One popular tool that is used in the circus is the bull hook. This is a steel hook on a 2-3 foot handle that is hooked into an elephant’s sensitive skin. It causes them immense amounts of pain and forces the poor animal to perform in the demanded way.

The company Ringling Bros. is famous for using bull hooks on their elephants.  Animals were also abused with electrical prods, whips, and more. I say were because Ringling Bros. after 36 years is has now closed the doors.

In fact according to Peta’s site:


As of May, the saddest show on earth for wild animals will end. Thirty-six years of PETA protests, of documenting animals left to die, beaten animals, and much more, has reduced attendance to the point of no return.

But, this goes beyond just Ringling Bros. in fact every single animal in every single circus is abused.

The circuses & trainers claim to love their animals, but in reality, they only love the money that their animals generate for them.

The tricks that animals are forced to do in the circus are completely unnatural and goes against all their natural instincts. The tricks only happen after months and years of continuous abuse.

Animals in the circus are also extremely bored and stressed. Circus animals have absolutely everything natural taken away from them. Over 96% of their lives are spent either in chains or in cages.

They are taken away from their families and natural habitats. They are constantly traveling and on the move, often going for long distances (up to three days) without any food or water.

Mostly all animals in circuses have long-term disabilities.

They all have shorter lifespans and mental disorders such as depression. They also experience many physical disabilities from a lack of natural exercise, due to the fact that they are confined to bars or chains for the majority of their lives.

Joint problems are very common among elephants, lions, and tigers.

Many circuses have been forced to shut down due to the public finding out about their abuse. Some countries have even banned circuses.

However, there are still hundreds and hundreds of circuses that exist. Even though the United States offers protection for circus animals under the USDA Animal Welfare Act, they barely regulate anything. There are only 100 inspectors assigned to monitor 12,000 circus related facilities in the U.S.

This leaves thousands of animals vulnerable to abuse.

If children and parents knew the truth about circus cruelty and how animals were treated in the circus, maybe it would prevent them from going. There are many other circuses that you can go to which only involve human acts, not animals.

One famous non-animal circus is Cirque du Soleil. No animals had to be abused in the name of entertainment for this circus, and you can have just as much fun there.

The best way to help end stop circus cruelty is to boycott animal circuses and educate others about circus cruelty.

Also, sign petitions.

Here’s a great link to start taking action against UniverSoul Circus which according to Peta: “has a long history of contracting with notorious animal abusers who have lengthy records of Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations. It has worked with Hugo Liebel, who has been racking up AWA violations concerning his treatment of the ailing elephant Nosey for two decades.”

Help fight the UniverSoul Circus abuse, HERE.

If you have a circus happening in your area, see if there is a protest, or try to organize a peaceful protest yourself.

Animal entertainment is animal enslavement. Animals belong in the wild, not in circuses performing acts for humans.

Feel free to share this blog post, Circus Cruelty with your friends on social media and let’s help put an end to the cruelty.

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