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Best Vegan Lip Balms

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Best Vegan Lip Balms – Our Top 10 Favorites

Now that it’s winter, many of us (including myself!) are experiencing dry lips.

You might not know this, but many lip balms actually aren’t vegan because they’re made out of beeswax or lanolin, which both come from animals.

Many lip balms on the market also contain chemicals or have been tested on animals.  Hence….why I put together this list of the best vegan lip balms.

Thankfully, there are so many brands who are creating lip balms out of plants, without chemicals, and without harming any animals!

Here are some of the best vegan lip balms out there.

Crazy Rumors

This is one of the most popular vegan lip balm brands out there!

They have many different flavors and just released holiday lip balms including gingerbread, peppermint, and hot cocoa. They also have lip tints, which moisturize your lips while acting as a makeup product at the same time.


This company makes squeezable vegan lip balm. They do have the traditional lip balm style too though.

They have lots of fruity flavors like licorice, grapefruit, chocolate, chai, and more. Another great thing about this lip balm brand is that they are raw!

David’s Tea

Many people are surprised to hear this, but David’s tea has a line of 100% vegan lip butters! Lots of them are tea infused and made with coconut oil.

Bare English & Co

This Canadian company makes natural lip balm. They have unique flavors including banana bread! Their balms are infused with tea and they’re also 100% organic which is amazing.

Pacifica Beauty

Many of you might be familiar with the brand Pacifica because they make amazing makeup products.

Well, they also have lip care products! You can get lip balms in varieties like rose water, lemon sugar, and cucumber mint.

They also offer a tinted option if you’re into those.


This small business sells many different products on their Etsy store, but they have a lot of lip balms. Their “lips” section actually has 41 different options of lip balms that you can buy! Everything is fair-trade and organic.


This company has 3 different lip balm options. Citrus ginger lip balm, coconut lime lip balm, and lavender mint lip balm.


This lip balm is really affordable. It is gentle and uses entirely natural ingredients for your chapped lips. This is a great option for men in addition to women.


This vegan lip balm is sweetened with a bit of stevia. It’a made out of organic ingredients and it’s also non-gmo! They have great flavors like mint and lemon lime.


This company has an amazing vegan lip balm collection. Their items are handmade with love in California. They even have tinted lip balm options.

All of the ingredients used are ethically sourced and natural.

So those are 10 great vegan lip balm options! I know there are more that exist out there, so if I’ve missed any please let me know in the comments.

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