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Backyard eggs are vegan right?  I mean what could possibly be wrong with eating the eggs from your own backyard chickens?

Well, let’s start with….if you don’t already know, the egg laying industry is a very cruel one.

Hens are bred to lay the most eggs possible in the shortest amount of time. They are not fed a natural diet, and they are often kept in cages called battery cages, where they have no more than the size of an 8” by 11” piece of paper to move around in.

There are many hens in one single battery cage, and they are squished so closely together that they can’t even spread their wings. Egg laying hens have part of their beaks cut off (with no anesthesia) so that they don’t peck at each other while in the cages.

Hens are not normally violent animals, but due to being kept in such a small amount of space, they often get very frustrated, and they are also very hungry and often underfed and dehydrated as well.

Hens never see the sunlight, and they never see the dark either.

Egg laying hens are kept in barns with no windows, but there is always artificial lights on. The light is constantly on to confuse the natural cycle that hens have, since they normally lay eggs in the morning/day.

Once the hen’s egg production slows down, she is taken to the slaughterhouse so people can eat her meat. This is only after a mere 1-2 years, even though chickens normally live anywhere from 10-20 years.

In short, that is the egg laying industry in a nutshell.

It is very cruel and understandable why vegans don’t eat eggs from factory farms.

But, what about eating eggs from backyard hens? You know the kind we call backyard eggs?

Can vegans eat the eggs from their pet chickens?  Many people think so and don’t realize the harm they are causing to the hen and not to mention they are taking something that is not rightfully theirs from another animal. 

Simply put the answer is no.

Back in the day, chickens only used to lay a handful of eggs a year. They would never lay more than 10 eggs in an entire year. An entire year!

Now most backyard chickens are laying 10 eggs a week. The more we take the more they lay which is hard on their body.  Hens in their natural environment only lay eggs until their nest is full.  If someone keeps taking the eggs they feel the need to lay more which is hard on their body. 

Laying eggs takes a lot of work, and is very exhausting for the hens. They lose an extreme amount of calcium and pressure from their body during the process. The absolute best thing to do with your backyard eggs is to feed them back to the hens.

Chickens love to eat their own eggs, and as mentioned above they need the nutrients that are otherwise depleted from their bodies by being forced to lay eggs at such an abnormally high rate.

It sounds gross, but they love it, and it is so good for them. Just crack the eggs and they will eat them raw and they will love it, because it’s good for them and they will be replenishing their body with nutrients that they lost while laying them. 

Here’s the bottom line…. Hens do not make eggs for us.

The backyard eggs are not ours for the taking.

Even if you felt they were yours as a vegan, imagine this….

You are vegan and you have a rescue hen who lays eggs.  Your five vegan friends get wind of this because you, as a vegan, say it’s okay to eat those eggs.

Now your five vegan friends are coming over to get a dozen eggs a week from your rescue hen or hens.

Then their friends get wind of this and so on….. you have now become a person who is willing to exploit a rescue hen to produce eggs to justify that vegans can eat backyard eggs.

Again…..the eggs are not ours for the taking….let the hen keep what is rightfully hers and let her decide what she wants to do with her eggs.

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