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7 Must-Read Vegan Magazines

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7 Must-Read Vegan Magazines

Although magazines aren’t as popular now as they used to be, there are still so many great ones out there that we should all be reading.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best 100% vegan magazines.

In these vegan magazines, you’ll find inspiration, tips, recipes, and so much more. No need to worry about seeing advertisements for animal-based products.

1. Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine

This is a great vegan magazine that you can buy online, it ships to many countries outside of the United States too. A one-year subscription costs around $32. This is a quarterly magazine, not a monthly one, so you only get 4 issues a year.  

Their mission from their site states, ““To make the world a healthier, more compassionate place.”

2. The Vegan Magazine

The Vegan Magazine is published by the Vegan Society. In 2013, it was voted the “Best Vegan-Friendly Magazine.”

Similar to the magazine above, it is published four times a year and costs around $30. These magazine issues are full of interviews, tips, recipes, product reviews, and the latest vegan news.

3. Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea magazine is based on vegan food. Their quarterly issues are full of recipes, articles, discussions, book reviews, city guides, and more. Their magazine prints are made out of recycled materials and they are meant to last. They also have digital issues available.

The content in this magazine comes from all over the world. One thing that makes this magazine unique is that there are never any ads in their issues! A yearly subscription is a bit more expensive than other magazines, coming in at $65 a year (including shipping).

4. VegNews Magazine

VegNews Magazine is full of vegan recipes, news, interviews, and vegan travel tips. You get a deal when you subscribe, and unlike all the above magazine issues, this one comes out 6 times a year instead of 4. You can enjoy a vegan magazine every other month for only $20!

5. Thrive Magazine

Thrive is another great resource when it comes to vegan magazines that you can buy yearly, or individual issues. This magazine has amazing food photography and it is mostly based on vegan recipes and food ideas.

6. Vegetarian Times

Even though this magazine isn’t 100% vegan, it’s still worth mentioning. It is one of the most popular magazines on this list. It is mostly aimed towards those who are beginners in this lifestyle, and it provides them with inspiration and information.

The recipes included are very simple too. I wouldn’t recommend this magazine to long-time vegans though, because they do sometimes include dairy and eggs in the recipes.

7. American Vegan

This is a smaller non-profit brand, but their magazine issues are still full of great content! They focus a lot on the philosophy of compassionate living and the vegan lifestyle. Included in the magazines are menus, food news, events, people, book reviews, and more.

Have you read any of these vegan magazines? Do you have any other recommendations that can be added to this list?Vegan ebook


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